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  BASKER BIO from the United States, is the world's leading bio-pharmaceutical and dietary supplements brand, BASKER since its inception has been committed to bio-pharmaceutical, health food and medical equipment research and development production and sales. Currently BASKER products throughout Europe, America Asia and Australia and other countries, and by the local consumer recognition and praise.

      BASKER(China) is BASKER International Health Industrial Group, a branch is mainly responsible BASKER products in China mainland area production and sales. BASKER(China) under the research center, marketing center and manufacturing base and other institutions, BASKER(China) adhere to the "market-oriented, technology and innovation as the basis", and constantly strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign famous universities and research institutions. Up to now, dozens have been developed specifically for the Chinese people's physical health care, especially in cardiovascular, diabetes and other chronic diseases, bone and joint research and development of a series of patented products, and achieved remarkable results.

       BASKER a production base covers an area of one hundred acres, with 24,000 square meters of production of health food GMP standard workshop and advanced natural substances extraction equipment, and obtained the HACCP standards of quality and safety certification and ISO9001 international quality management system certification, etc. . From abroad soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets, liquid, powder production equipment and first-class testing equipment, number of automatic bottling line, multi-channel counting machine etc., realized from the bottling, sealing, capping , labeling one-stop automatic packaging.

     BASKER Group always adhere to the highest quality products and services, the highest standards. From the formula, raw materials, finished products and packaging have to undergo a rigorous controls to ensure that each product according to the highest standards in GMP workshop production, product standards while meeting U.S. FDA and China SFDA double quality standards. In the choice of raw materials, it is to follow a cotton harsh assessment system to ensure that raw natural resistance, safety, efficacy and stability, from a global selection of hundreds of kinds of the highest quality raw materials, and strive to achieve each product international quality!